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There is a rich ecosystem for additional Bootstrap components and many existent j Query components have been modified so they look consistent with Bootstrap out of the box, without adding additional styling.

Reusable controls incan be created as a Partial View.

Never forget to validate the submitted data to server.

Also remember to perform server-side validation in addition to client side validation as Java Script can be turned off by the user, there by bypassing the validation on client-side!

Consider the following view model (we will use this in the sample project): This class is already set up to handle server-side validation using attributes.

Unobtrusive Validation allows us to take the already-existing validation attributes and use them client-side to make our user experience that much nicer.

This will work when the user logs in, but not if he changes the languages during the session.

So I moved the links back to the layout view, now it works again.

For instance, we use the following template for a string: And it will render like this, complete with label, with a nice Bootstrap design: Because the Title field has an attribute “required”, there should be an error when we leave it empty.

Even better, we can use MVC's bundling feature to just create and use a bundle, which is what happens by default in a new MVC app: Now, all we have to do is place that bundle on the appropriate view to enable unobtrusive validation. Say we have this view: The POST action is super simple; we check for validation errors, and if there are any, we simply return the view.

We can disable client-side validation in the entire app via the Web.config file, by setting the App Setting for Client Validation Enabled to false: Because this input failed validation, we are now rendering the Validation Message as well as placing an error message CSS class on the input. What happens if we turn client side validation back on?

Form Component is an important portion on any website that requires data input from the end-user.

It could be an account creation form, feedback form, or any kind of information registration form etc. Client-Side Form Validation This type of form validation is done at browser level, i.e., handling simple constraint validations; e.g.

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In this post, we'll take a look at a simple example of how to use Unobtrusive Validation, and break down how it actually works.

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