Kirsten storms and brandon barash dating

They were at a get-together at a Malibu beach house that good friend Cheryl Burke had rented for a party with friends.

Kelly and Cheryl have become good friends ever since the It is true that many other people were hanging out together.

"I don't have a lot of fond memories of that wedding. When I read it back in those days, I wasn't looking for a career in soaps.

I was trying to do the job as best I could, day to day.

However, none of that matters to me because I want Sonny to pay for something. I'm sick and tired of him always being absolved, forgiven, or redeemed then going along his merry way without skipping a beat. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect Sonny to be a saint, but if he's going to do bad things, then there should be some consequences.

I tend to have more empathy -- and forgiveness -- for someone like Julian because he's not made of Teflon.

I have a confession to make -- I fully support Carly's quest to hold on tight to everything Sonny signed over to her. She's being petty and vindictive, and she'll inevitably hand everything back over to Sonny.

I recognize that her choices are hypocritical because she married Sonny, knowing exactly what she was getting into.

I really looked at it as an opportunity to do something story-wise that was very have been wondering what was up ever since photos came out in July showing them frolicking together in Malibu.The twosome was seen running around on the beach having fun, but the snapshots of them getting cozy in the ocean waves were most questionable.My dr’s say my breakouts are due to stress, but shouldn’t take too long to get under control.(I can say that I’m on the better end of it now) However, it was becoming too difficult for GH to coverup.

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Sweeps kicked into high gear with doppelgngers, betrayals, nefarious plots, and a deadly birthday gift that could spell doom for all.

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