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According to me that is, the writer of this memo, fanfic… The point is you are now going to read an Akatsuki fic, so I had better STFU before I get my sorry ass killed here. She would do anything for Pein, foot rubs, back rubs, ass rubs (hohoho), if it meant ensuring that he were hers and only hers, which he was. "Why yes, I think this team would make the perfect entity of evil, don't you?

After all, she is simply a captive of Madara Uchiha, who has her writing the day and the life of the most badass organization on the planet. He and his girlfriend who gave him back rubs and heart-shaped paper just wasn't going to cut it. Neither is Sasuke Uchiha, but let's not go there."He certainly did," said Konan, rubbing her man's feet with a face straight and stoic. He supposed the Ginyu Force, Team Rocket, and Sailor Scouts were all out of the question due to copyright infringement. "Ah yes, Sephiroth, Bowser, Chuck Norris, Voldemort, Sweeny Todd, Your Mom, Oprah Winfrey, and Hanna Montana." He chewed on the ass of his sharpie pen some more and grinned.

”You stay here and don’t move” I told her and entered into Pein’s office ”Leader-sama” I bowed.

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"For the love of Jashin, just start tha fuckin fic already," said Hidan, in all his gangsta glory, and who is the author to argue? You see, he was short a lot of members from a full-blown organization. His normally calm and collected demeanor twitched and he was just so ready to go out there and… Ultimate bad guys of doom are not exactly renowned for their common sense. He needed members now."So far, on my list of worthy candidates I have," murmured Pein, chewing on the ass of his sharpie pen.

Pein's talents allow him to peg himself as a deity given right to lay judgment upon others. Pein sighed and left the room leaving me alone,crying. *Pein’s POV* I summoned Itachi again and told him to check all the villages and everywhere for our daughter. Come back with her or if she’s dead information about her death’’ I told him and he poofed away. *Itachi’s POV* I gathered my clothes and food for 2 months and began looking around all the villages asking about her. I opened it and saw lots of kids playing and one in the edge crying. Her eyes widened and she was crying “Are you Kokoro? It was run by a bunch of dumbasses and hicks, and in the future would be run by a boy with the catch phrase "BELIEVE IT! It was everything a world leader needed to be, really. He checked in red sharpie next to the names most worthy of what would be known as… First of all, only she, the dame, could be The Girl on this team. It all started when Pein decided that he hated the world the way it was. He was a genius in her opinion, smexilicious, and damn was he good in bed. I feel ya Konan, I really do."So that means we need members," said Pein, going down a list of awesome douche bags in Bingo Books of various countries. "Konan frowned, sweat-dropped, and yanked Pein's master list out of his hand.

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He believes only by invoking true suffering can people learn what to treasure.

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