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From the bug reports, it seems to make a difference...By default, RID pools are obtained in increments of 500.Since RIDs are 30 bits in length, a maximum of 1,073,741,824 (2) security principals can be created in an Active Directory domain.Implementation sketch: - when creating a plan, allow the caller to specify whether dependencies should be tracked or not; we want to track dependencies for long-lived plans like cached plans created by PL/Pg SQL, named PREPARE plans (both protocol-level and via SQL), and so forth.This is the common case of a more general problem: a query plan depends on various parts of the environment at plan-creation time.Users, computers, and groups stored in Active Directory are collectively known as security principals.

I'm attempting to switch to row-based replication but cannot get it (either default MIXED mode or forced ROW) to work.

For example, the position is 999 and I want to analyze the previous five events. However, you can use mysqlbinlog with the option -- stop - position and tail its output.

Q: We are having issues with inconsistencies over time.

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In this blog, I will provide answers to the Q & A for the mysql Replication Troubleshooting webinar.

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I haven't touched anything such as reseting query cache for the year that the game has been up, I'm working with about 5000-1million rows depending on the table.

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