Intimidating myspace comments

Intimidating myspace comments

Harassment in the workplace is a serious issue for managers.

A hostile work environment can have far-ranging effects for the business, from a drop in productivity to serious legal issues.

It comes in a variety of forms, from sexual harassment to passing around offensive cartoons.

The behavior can come from other employees, vendors or even bosses.

As a manager, you have the responsibility to create an safe environment where offensive and intimidating behavior is not tolerated.

Offensive and intimidating behavior can be as serious as threats of physical danger or as seemingly innocent as teasing.

"My Space will look to roll out consumer-facing activity towards the end of this year, at which time we'll most likely undertake a formal pitch, but nothing is happening at this time." Just weeks ago Specific Media said that it agreed to a settlement with the FTC over complaints concerning My Space misleading its users about sharing personal information with advertisers.

A hostile environment leads to less engaged employees and a tense atmosphere of anger and resentment.

At the very least, you will not get the most productivity out of your staff; at the worst, you could face going out of business due to a poor reputation and legal issues.

But Lori Drew, the mother of Sarah Drew, a former friend of Meier, later admitted creating the My Space account.

At the time of the suicide, the Drew and Meier families were neighbors, living four doors apart.

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The level of offense depends on your staff--it may take the form of offensive teasing about religious traditions, rude comments, offensive jokes or comments about sex, gender, background, race or affiliation.

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