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But yes i will suggest if you really want to test wait for 2 weeks from the date of exposure.

By then if you are not positive for HSV-IGM then it is negative.

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If you know that you have herpes or you catch herpes during pregnancy, you should let your midwife know. The herpes virus then remains in the body, but it is inactive.

The herpes virus can be passed on by having unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex, sharing sex toys, and skin-to-skin contact.A swab is taken from the skin where a blister or ulcer is in order to test for genital herpes. If you have no obvious blisters or ulcers, there is no routine test for herpes.You can use the If you have a severe outbreak of genital herpes, it can be treated with antiviral tablets as these will help to speed up the healing process and ease the pain.Basic Features Live Support ▪ Care Location ▪ 10 Search Ways ▪ Herpes Blog ▪ Herpes Forum ▪ Hot Topic ▪ Chat Room ▪ Live Dating Advisor ▪ STD Q & A ▪ Success Stories ▪ Treatment Stories ▪ Herpes Dating Tips Positive Singles is the best and most active online herpes dating site in the STD dating segment.Since the website began its operations in 2001, and has more than 1000,000 members as of now.

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Could blood work really show the presence of herpes less than a week after unprotected sex with an active partner? She is on the herpes meds – what are the chances one encounter with a light outbreak would infect me? How long after she has an outbreak AND the symptoms clear should we wait to have sex? Can washing with rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide after sex be used instead of a condom? Some studies claim by the age of 40, 70 % US population is infected with herpes.

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