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If you are having issues with feeds in Outlook please refer to the Outlook blog.

Many people have been enjoying the blazing fast Google Chrome browser. How can a browser of Google’s caliber have such a glaring issue?

That’s an old OS, I know, but it’s a refurbished work phone, and it cannot be upgraded.

I frequently try using the Feedly app for Android, but always find it to be buggy (at least on my old phone): as I swipe from post-to-post, eventually one post will get “stuck”, and will appear over and over, randomly interspersed between actual posts.

I just opened up my news website that I'm working on this morning and none of the RSS news feeds are being displayed, I went onto the Google Feed Forum to see if there had been anything posted about it and the only thing I found was this. place=topic/google-ajax-search-api/x P6m Kd RA6n4/discussion So far there is no official confirmation that it has been shutdown but only speculation that it has been.

If it has been shutdown, does that mean that everyone who has been using Google Feeds API up to this point will have to find an alternative? there are several treads opened like Real alternative for Google Feed API I've found Doesn't generate the exactly same structure, so you will have to tweak it.

Even though the feed does show correctly when I type the direct link of the XML file in a web browser (it shows the latest news), it seems like the file is cached somehow, for certain websites trying to read it. My feeds: Original Feed Burner Data Class Action News Feed As you can see they're totally different. Can you get someone not connected to your organization's network to run tests at the same time with you?

First of all, I do not want this to come off as a “these people suck” post, because it is not.

It is simply what I have found, and so I am documenting. That is where I find nearly 100% of the links for my Today’s Readings posts.

However, when I run my feed through, most of the time Feed Validator will show an older version of my feed.

I'll change some tags or properties, but still Feed Validator shows an old version, and points out problems in my RSS that aren't there anymore. When I run my program and add new , my IFTTT recipe won't trigger, Feed Burner only shows old news and doesn't add the new items (after pinging & resyncing), and Google Reader and Outlook don't show any new entries either.

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We've received some reports of users noticing that their feeds subscription stop updating after upgrades.

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