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Rhiannon immediately began jumping up and down and after dropping Keith's hand sped toward her father's voice. "Keith rolled his eyes and took after her the rest of them at his heels. Honey it's too easy for someone to take you away from me and your Mommy. "I did it Dad."Keith looked at his daughter holding her little girl in his arms.

They caught up to Rhiannon in her father's arms a few seconds later."Rhiannon Lynn Echolls, what have you been told about running off? Rhiannon let Logan's mortarboard fall over her face. ""Oh yeah." Keith confirmed with a nod."Rhiannon what have you been told about running into a crowd of people? We love you and want to protect you from bad things as much as we can. "You certainly did sweetie.""I got the bestest Mommy, in the whole world Gampy.""You certainly do sweetheart.

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Some of this will be i Title: What do we do now 5Author: Tigereyes320Pairing/Character: Logan/Veronica Other character mentions Word Count: 1305Rating: R for Language, and sexual situations Summary: Completely AU. When the unexpected happens, how do Logan and Veronica deal with it and the reactions of their family and friends. Spoilers: Everything that we know of so far for Season 3Author's Note: I own nothing of the VM universe. " Charlie asked Keith as they headed in the direction Rhiannon had pointed. "Unfortuntely, she has inherited her persuasive powers from both her parents.""Aunt Tweena, Uncle Evil, Mommy and Daddy gadating."Trina smiled as she saw her niece waving frantically. That's why you're going to sit with us and then what happens when you hear their names called.""I get clap and yell weally loud. She then said in a not so hushed whisper, "I know she like you. "Two hours later Rhiannon was still jumping up and down and clapping her little hands. "'You're just a one man pep squad aren't you chica? "Veronica came running up and held out her arms, as Rhiannon leaped out of Logan's arms and into Veronica's,"How's my sweetheart?

"I can't see Gampy." Rhiannon complained jumping up and down."Sweetheart there is nothing to see yet. I see Auntie Tweena and Uncle Evil, and Uncle Darry. Do I get to yell for Uncle Wally, and Uncle Dick, and Auntie Mac? No remember you have to hold on to one of our hands.""I gonna hold on to Uncle Evil's.""Why is that? I heard her telling Mommy that you were da best she ever had. "Trina her face going scarlet interrupted, "Your Mommy and Daddy will tell you later. You can tell me all about your birthday party we're having in a few days.""Oh-tay! " Weeil asked her."I not a man, Uncle Evil.""Where's my girl? ""I taw you Mommy get your ploma.""Well everyone heard you clapping for me and your Daddy and your uncles Wallce and Dick and Auntie Mac.""Get over here little girl." Keith said with a growl.

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