Forum dating married man

Forum dating married man

I might even decide to tell his wife, but without saying who I was. Then my sister would see who the married man really cared about, when he denies her. My dear pour out your mind to her nd ask her if she was the mans wife and she found he was still keepin his old lover how would she feel, countinue singing her wrongs to her she will eventually change. Please pray for her so that she might realise the dangers involved and also pray that God will use any means to separate them. I know for a fact he’s been at my sister’s place every day for the past two weeks. Also note that your sister may take your words with a grain of salt because she's not ready or willing to listen to you, so be prepared for that scenario. If it were my sister, I'd tell her it was wrong, that she's being used and she deserves better than a man who cheats on his wife.How can she expect to find a decent guy when she's not being decent at the moment.First ladies, he is married and married is married until a final divorce is decreed by the courts.No matter how mean he tells you his wife is, how much he says she doesn't understand him, how much more he loves you compared to her, he is still in a legally binding contract with another woman who he most likely swore to be faithful to until death do they part.

She was divorced over 15 years ago, is quite attractive and likes male attention, but if a single guy asks her out she runs like a scared rabbit and has 100 reasons why "this would not be a good time for her to be dating".

* You'll be alone on vacations, major holidays and most weekends. You may think you're important to him, but face it, you're not family.

They have a prior claim on his time and his loyalty.

I just realized that my sister is having an affair with a married man. She always states that she wants a close relationship with God.

Apparently, this affair has been going on for YEARS. That this married man was supposed to marry her instead of his wife. I saw her married boyfriend when I helped her move into her new house. I wasn’t rude or anything but I know he can sense my annoyance. If it was my sister, I would simply say "You are dating a married man.

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How to date a married man and not be miserable or get hurt.

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