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I know many women who would love to have sex with smaller partners but feel that it wouldn’t work mechanically, that two drastically different bodies couldn’t come together in a pleasurable way.

Additionally, many women who do have smaller partners tell me they don’t totally enjoy sex because they feel self-conscious, embarrassed, or unfulfilled because they can’t “let go” during sex.

Scientists have discovered that when we ingest the gas in a drink, it triggers a surge in a key hunger hormone.

Academics who studied rats found those given ‘flat’ sugary drinks alongside their normal diet put on no more weight than those given still water.

The black woman I was with definitely had some soulful groove; some damn fine bumpin’ and grinding skills!

Even if you can’t get yourself a sexy, older ebony babe with some super-fine pussy, I’ve got a deal on some hot porn that’ll initiate you into this hot little world fellas.

The dirty swinging sex pigs have no idea the club owner uploads all their group escapades to this site.

Last night, anti-obesity campaigners said action should be taken if studies showed similar effects in humans.This brings me to what I feel is one of the most important parts of enjoying sex as a fat woman: Your partner knows, and guess what? When I was a young chubbette, I remember trying to contort my body into more “flattering” positions while I was having sex, as if my partner didn’t notice my belly was getting paunchy.I’d arch my back, refuse to do positions that made me “feel fat,” and drape different parts of my body with a blanket or pillow to hide my increasingly chubby body.He still wanted to have sex with me, and what’s more, he loved having sex with me.Wonderful fat pornstars are showing their pro sex skills in high quality clips.

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