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Entron liquidating limited partnership

At least one partner is involved in making decisions regarding the day-to-day affairs of the business.

Though not a legal requirement, all partnerships require a partnership agreement that specifies how to make business decisions.

The cash proceeds from selling the assets were sufficient to repay all but ,000 to the creditors.

The company liquidation procedure in Russia is regulated by the Civil Code.

A Russian company may be liquidated in two ways: voluntarily, if the founders decide to do so or by a court decision.

A company may also be liquidated if the duration period, stipulated in the formation documents, has expired.

A limited partnership (LP) exists when two or more partners unite to jointly conduct a business in which one or more of the partners is liable only to the extent of the amount of money that partner has invested.

The limited partnership provides the limited partners a return on their investment (similar to a dividend), the nature and extent of which is usually defined in the partnership agreement.How much of the remaining ,000 liability should be paid by each partner?Liquidation of partnership Turner, Roth, and Lowe are partners who share income and loss in a 1:4:5 ratio.After lengthy disagreements among the partners and several unprofitable periods, the partners decided to liquidate the partnership.Immediately before liquidation, the partnership balance sheet shows: total assets, 6,000; total liabilities, ,000; Turner, Capital, ,500; Roth, Capital, ,000; and Lowe, Capital, ,500. (c) Determine how much of the remaining liability should be paid by each partner.

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