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Eharmony dating message board

Also they can x you from just the thumbnail tile, so they don't have to ''view'' you to archive you or close you. e H has been especially all-screwed-up this past week.A few years back, when I first decided to try online dating, I went on e Harmony and filled in their questionnaire, and got told that they were unable help me.Also, as usual, not one of the matches I've initiated communications with has even viewed my profile. And this is why that ''archived'' feature is a double-edged sword.You can x them from any platform, but that doesn't ''block'' them or ''close'' them....''blocking/closing'' is still that two-step process.e H has been especially all-screwed-up this past week.I've been getting icebreakers from ghost matches (who don't appear anywhere in my account.) e H's support even claims that one my my ghost matches was blocked by me, but I didn't, and the date/time of the icebreaker is AFTER the date/time I supposedly blocked her.

They aren't notified that they've been archived, so to them, you're still in their ''matches'' box.

If you would like to participate in the project, you can choose to edit this article, or visit the project page for more information. David Bergan , 15 December 2005 (UTC) This discussion had two archive sections, one very short and the other of normal size. Many pages have far, far longer discussions without ardhives.

In fact, I think archiving raises POV issues, because it conveniently tucked away discussion about negative aspects of this company.

That’s for renewal for another six months (I’d like to meet the person who would still be unattached after six months on e Harmony, which I assume nearly everyone is, and think six more months of e Harmony is the answer.). Can’t be done once you’ve paid the initial two months.

You can hide your profile, which I assumed had already occurred based on the glacial movement of membership interaction.

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I’ve had to get my bank’s fraud department involved to recover my money—first time in 25 years as a banking customer.

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