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[Verse 1: Ol' Dirty Bastard] Approach the school nine thirty, you're late The time happy the solution was my date Get in your class, walk to your chair Pop is all you see and then occasionally stare At the teacher, or students who were clockin' you Lean back at this girl who kept clockin' you Stimulated from a sensimilla blunt Tell the young girl "Baby, you're the one I want." She doesn't respond, pretends to ignore So you say to yourself, it be her cold and sore mentally Visualize the aim on the board As how to buy pussy you cannot afford This girl who, was slim and trim Whispered in her friend’s ear quietly ‘I want HIM!Cupcak Ke burst on the scene with "Vagina" in late 2015, a song which could easily be taken for a novelty record.At least, it would at the very least not hurt you and might even help chances for a relationship.It would be looked at from the perspective of “passion” and “love at first sight”.Incoming calls to Office Depot are routed to her home office.

The good news is that with the growth of technology that makes it easy to work from anywhere, as well as more companies that connect at-home workers with employers, you just might be able to land a work-at-home position. In 2007, she retired from her position as an AT&T call center manager.

I spoke with Elizabeth "Cupcak Ke" Harris by phone in late March, who talked about her writing process and love of poetry, her upbringing—she attended Dulles elementary with Chief Keef—and a surprising wishlist of future collaborators. Some of the songs are about me and some are about just people in general. That's why when I write the freaky songs, I read some of the comments on You Tube and people are like, "This is inside me! A label will be like, "Hey, you've got to sugar coat this line, you've got to sugarcoat that down." I'm not sugarcoating nothing.

What was your first introduction to music as a young kid? I touched on street music, I touched on violence, I touched on cops killing, I touched on a lot of situations. After "Vagina," "Deepthroat," and "Juicy Coochie" came out, people kept requesting [a mixtape]. I'm just now getting into him, because I be with friends and they blast him in the car. Cole, because I think he's really really talented.

", from there we continued And talk about this and that we chit and chat Sipped on the Coke then I stroked her back As she giggled and I wiggled to the bra She said "nah!

Girl 1: I'm -- yo G, I don't think he really realize. " [Verse 2: Killah Priest] I met a girl named Chandra, from way down yonder The apple of my eye had a Snapple and some fries Forgot the ketchup, that's when I pressed up "I've been watching you mowing your lawn" The thoughts were flowin', while I'm holding her palm "Hey what's that on your menu?

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[Interlude: Ol' Dirty Bastard] Yo, you niggas, niggas be actin like They be lovin' them, them them fancy bitches I, I likes me a nasty bitch Bitch that's willing to do anything at any given time Bitch gotta be nasty cuz I'm a nasty nigga I do anything baby, I wouldn't give a fuck what it was I'll, ah, anything - I'm a nasty motherfucker girl [Verse 3: Ol' Dirty Bastard] I'm just sittin' right, in my class at a quarter to ten right? , teacher says "Open up your texts and read the first paragraph on oral sex! This is a lesson that makes you feel fine Kinda ease your nerves and relax your mind!

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