Dwt not updating dreamweaver

Customer technical info: Account setup - GANDI info - Outlook configuration - Webmail - Dream Weaver setup - Custom 404 page Email address crypting - Convert Front Page to Dreamweaver Converting a website from Front Page to Dreamweaver can be reasonably fast and easy if you follow our recommendations - and our step-by-step instructions.

When saving a file, Front Page automatically converts most of its "Webbots", such as "link bars", "page banners" and "shared borders", into regular HTML code.

But Dreamweaver 8 does not have a command for installing a template into all pages of a website - and installing a template page by page would be a long and tedious operation, especially for a large website.

The good news it that it is possible to add into all webpages the specific HTML tags which will fool Dreamweaver into believing that a template is already installed - subsequently, updating the template will automatically update all webpages.

So these pages contain the full HTML code - unlike when you edit them with Front Page - and can readily be edited with Dreamweaver.

However, you may want to converts your Front Page borders into a Dreamweaver Template — and we strongly recommend it!

Hi, First of all, first post so greetings to you all!

I, too, have just started experiencing the above error.

CSS changes will occur realtime in the live preview but html changes do not occur until I actually save the html file.

I'm also having issues with the Live Preview, working on latest Brackets, Win 8.1...simple HTML / CSS , live preview breaks often and I have to reload Chrome to see any changes, saving the document won't auto-reload either...

I have tried without extensions and get same behavior... On both systems, I'm running the current Brackets release 0.44 with Chrome v38.0.2125.104.

@quiquejbb @Igglyboo does the same problem reproduce regardless of the project? can you reproduce using the Getting Started project that is installed with Brackets? I've reproduced without extensions and keep getting the same issues..short Live Preview stops working very often, particularly when I copy / paste code within the document or do inline-CSS mods.

I am obliged to reload with F5 all the time, but that kind of defeats the whole purpose of Live Preview.

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