Dw drum dating

And no pink wine, or light beer - save that s*** for your DW kit.

A Gretsch kit is a thing of beauty and sophistication and your must treat it accordingly.

I don't think the DW freaks have started to value the very early stuff yet and I'd guess they probably think they all look a bit jerry-built compared to what they're used to from the brand.

Having sold a couple of the oldies, I didn't get big money for them and at least one of them was in great condition.

It's a satin flame wrap and I have a pic of a paper tag, that's about it, I had no idea about the trials and tribulations of the paper tags and serial numbers, this, if I get it will be my first vintage Gretsch kit.

Don't have an overview of serial numbers but early 80s.

as a casual viewer of DFO even I, have noticed, a member Here, has done his Best and WROTE a BOOK about it.

(which I've bought and really really like Maybe you could look in there? I would suggest you buy your Gretsch kit dinner, at the very least and at least one or two drinks.

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I bought two dw snare drums from Orangemi a few years ago an he got them from the original owner.

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