Donghae eunseo dating for real

Earlier, producers of 'We Got Married' revealed that four members of Super Junior went on a blind date with four actresses, and that two of them would be considered as new permanent couples for the show.

Out of the four, member Donghae was revealed to be paired up with rookie actress Son Eun Seo.

Depending on the opinions of the viewers, the couple has a chance of becoming a new addition to the show.

Consequently, fans have been trying to dig up as much information as they can on both Donghae and Son Eun Seo.

It's not like I'm controlling his life or anything but donghae and that girl going out on air and going on a blind date happened all of a sudden and maybe some of the ELF's are just not ready/prepared with this kind of situation(this maybe kinda sound exaggerating but this happened to me) so for those Who doesn't understand how some of us feel with donghae 'dating' son eun so don't tell us to start growing up when you have no idea how we feel!!

of course not all ELFs are going to be okay with this. All of us cling on to that one in a millionth chance of being with donghae. But even if they really had feelings, who are we to judge? But I just don't like the fact that he's going out with a girl who he barely knows..

i want dong hae to be with someone cute like dara from 2ne1! I mean, Eun Seo-ssi, kkk~ She will be pairing with Donghae at WGM episode 'Blind Date' right? Idk the whole story between them but they look cuuuute! And please don't judge someone if you don't know them well. I know if i found out you guys were really dating i'd start crying but in the end i still hope you'd take care of him :') love them being together.... even there are anti-fans for couple minho n eunseo,don't woory...

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LOL But it all seemed clear when Donghae attended the memorial service for Sunye’s father, when he died. Furthermore, in her speech after winning the CF Model Award, Son Eun Seo stated, “I would like to thank Donghae who escorted me to this event”. i hope eun seo will be a couple with Choi Minho (Shinee). While Donghae is a familiar name on allkpop, Son Eun Seo may be more of a mystery.She's starred in dramas like MBC's 'Flames of Ambition', and is currently acting in SBS's daily drama, 'My Flower Daughter'.

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i hope eun seo will be a couple with Choi Minho (Shinee).

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