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When you've finished RP and would like for it to be saved in this subforum, please contact an RP moderator and ask him/her to move it here for you. though she and her best friend Lavender always talked about them but basically from that year on Parvati really started to notice them.

If you're new to RPing, this is a great place to get ideas or enjoy a read. It’s in the winter of Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s 7th year. she always had admired Harry, she had found Neville cute, Ron um...never commented about him,she thought Seamus of as a sweet friend but one guy who she actually caught her eye was Dean Thomas.

Gen fic with Sam and Dean stumbling into Stars Hollow. Involves a fairly large amount of sex, some are male/male but it's pretty funny so i'll rec it anyway. No, seriously." --- Grandcars Impala knocked up John's truck and they made cute little Truckzilla/Metallicar hybrids. --- Dean and Sam's A$$-rainbow (already pmed this to some friends but forgot to rec it here :( ) "It had seemed pretty serious until Sam started shooting rainbows out of his a$$." (rated R) --- And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt Torture by Disney! "Sam's sitting by the window, pouting, when Ruby finds him. She had enough trouble convincing the demonic Horde to look past the fact that their Anti-Christ does puppy-dog eyes from time to time without him pouting. At least she'd had Dean's backup when it came to weaning Sam off the emo angsting in public"wow i just the one where Dean has to model for Calvin Klein. Five For Fighting09 I still don't have any specific recs for injured Dean because injury fics aren't my thing but I have found this site :) you might be able to find something under the hurt! dean There's also tags on the side for hospitalized! You might be able to find some fics through these links though, if you haven't checked them out already sam/ruby And I wanted to rec a Supernatural femme fic here since there's so few of those around. fic is a Ruby/Jo fic, the characterization of Jo is really great in this one IMO.From powerful cordless vacuum cleaners to the latest robotic technology vacuums, we have the right vacuum for you.Learn more about the different cleaners you can choose and some of the key things to think about before you decide – if you have pets, lots of rooms or stairs to clean. Here's one more like you requested, it's short but sweet. --- A Fashionable Profit you've never seen this fic before, you haven't read enough SPN humour fics. Basically, to get more money for ammo and food and such, Dean at 17 reluctantly models for Calvin Klien. --- Accidents Will Happen Some Goth teenagers accidentally resurrect John Winchester. (John Really Wants to Know) Sam goes goth to annoy John : D --- Has No/ Needs No Dean without pants (rated R for pantlessness) --- Involuntary Conversion Dean gets "zapped" and becomes an accountant. A glimpse of Sam as the Anti-Christ, commanding the demon army from Ruby's POV. Daddylion, you're pretty good at suggesting stories but by any chance do you know of any that are NOT slash and that have Dean injured??? ~lois&clark4ever~ Sorry, I usually don't read het nor do I write them and the one het I read with Ruby was Ruby/Dean. A story about John's time in hell as a desk jockey proving that bureaucracy is in fact evil. Apparently, hell for John means being stuck for eternity in the same crappy apartment as the yellow eyed demon. --- High Minded a result of evil mushroom spunk, Dean discovers that the sun LOVED him, and that he had to save the world from the evil plaid!! sorry it took so long for this to register in my head and so long to reply.

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