Dealing with intimidating neighbours

Dealing with intimidating neighbours

Boundary disputes, mental health issues, dogs and children are also some reasons police are called, and more often than not are civil disputes rather than criminal.

Councils often have brochures relating to common neighbourhood dispute issues. 2: Join and be active in your Neighbourhood Support group.If your neighbour causes you to feel intimidated and under siege in your own home or when you go outside your house then yes you are living next door to the Neighbour From Hell and you need to take steps to manage the situation and regain your life.It often starts with some simple thing, a reasonable request, like sharing the cost of a new fence or asking them to stop their dog from barking 24/7, maybe you just smiled at them one day and they decided that you ‘needed to be taught a lesson’.If you have a neighbour like this you can relate to what I am saying.I have noticed an increase in neighbour complaints to police about anti-social behaviour such as excessive noise, drunkenness and vandalism.

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Revenge is not the answer when it comes to the NFH but that does not mean that you can’t have a laugh along the way (in fact we recommend it) because there is no shortage of amusement to be had in figuring out the inner workings of the mind of the NFH.

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