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New York University wrote: “An object of enormous power and prestige, the blackened, raggedly cast copper crown from the Nahal Mishmar Hoard greets the visitor to Masters of Fire.

The enigmatic protuberances along its rim of vultures and building façades with squarish apertures, and its cylindrical shape, suggest links to the burial practices of the time.” The Nahal Mishmar Hoard was found by archaeologist Pessah Bar-Adon hidden in a natural crevice and wrapped in a straw mat in a cave on the northern side of Nahal Mishmar, which became known as the ‘Cave of Treasures’.

The first six chapters are the history section, telling of a Jew named Daniel of royal descent, who was taken captive along with the rest of the people from the city of Jerusalem.

King Nebuchadnezzer placed Daniel (among others) in his service, and had them trained.

In addition, they provide a wealth of information on the times leading up to, and during, the life of Christ.” —Dr.

This section tells of the persecutions that Daniel and his friends undergo, and also of the high positions that Daniel attains.

It relates the fact that God is in control, and how He protects His faithful servants.

Until the discovery of extensive fragments among the Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS), the only surviving manuscripts of Jubilees were four complete Ge'ez texts dating to the 15th and 16th centuries, and several quotations by the Church fathers such as Epiphanius, Justin Martyr, Origen as well as Diodorus of Tarsus, Isidore of Alexandria, Isidore of Seville, Eutychius of Alexandria, John Malalas, George Syncellus, and George Kedrenos.

There is also a preserved fragment of a Latin translation of the Greek that contains about a quarter of the whole work.

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He decided to climb the face of the cliff himself to bring them back.

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