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Simple good manners might have told Cameron to remove the poppy while he was with the Chinese President, but Downing Street was emphatic that he would wear it “in the usual way”. Tim Farron, leader of that half-forgotten political party, the Liberal Democrats, made a rare appearance in , with a piece he had written condemning fines imposed on parents who take their children out of school to go on holiday. Tobias Ellwood will have been very busy since he was appointed the Foreign Office minister responsible for the quagmire that is the Middle East, so cannot be blamed if he has had trouble keeping up with home news. “Selling unlicensed medicines is illegal and poses a serious health hazard.

Bad luck that the piece was tagged as having been written by someone called “Tim Fallon”. Mr Ellwood published his reply to a written question about the destruction of cultural artefacts by Isis, and announced that there is to be a conference on this next Wednesday, which he will co-host. Anyone thinking of committing this fraud should be under no illusions, we will come and find you,” said the MHRA’s head of operations, Danny Lee-Frost.

Five years ago, there was a ripple of diplomatic awkwardness when Cameron led a British delegation who arrived at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing with poppies in their lapels, having refused a request by the Chinese not to wear them.

For the Chinese, a Brit with a poppy stirs folk memories of a disgraceful and humiliating episode early in Victorian times, when British merchants bought vast quantities of tea and silk from China but could think of nothing to sell to the Chinese in return except opium, cultivated in India.

Apart from the symbolic red flower used to commemorate Britain's war dead, the photgraph appears identical to a previous profile picture uploaded two years ago.

When approached for comment, a spokesperson for Downing Street said they would "look into it".

The fact that she probably made a substantial donation to the Haig Fund (as it was known then) whereas the complainants had probably dropped a 50p piece in a collecting box mattered not one jot to them. P was not wearing a poppy, if he had he probably would have got an equal amount of stick from some of his countrymen Very good question, I have always wondered the same thing.

It looks like Poppy opted to go out with David Beckham during her husband’s birthday which was very awkward because she should have been spending time with her husband James.

Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz (Kenan Thompson) comments on the criticism he's received after taking a selfie with President Obama using a Samsung phone he endorses.

Big Papi then discusses some other endorsement deals.

A picture has been posted on the official 10 Downing Street Facebook account of David Cameron - with a poppy Photoshopped on to his jacket.

The profile image appears to have been digitally altered to show the Prime Minister with a red poppy stuck to his chest.

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