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o, your longtime crush is finally looking your way with hungry eyes. Just point him in the direction of the beach, add a picnic basket and you’re set!But we will focus our attention on the most exciting and amusing of them.Though it's difficult to predict what can draw one's attention.I turned 37 on Sunday and celebrated with a big party on Saturday night. I feel tired, bored, unmotivated and generally whingey. But that’s not the full reason I feel that somebody has just switched on the strip lighting and I am seeing myself and my life for what I truly am – I think the real reason is that I don’t have a plan! I always have what I’ve run and what I’ve got to run in the back of my mind. I went out for my first run this morning – 3M in the dark with my little headlight on – and that felt a bit better. As I write an e-mail from a friend pops into my in-box saying that she thinks I must be on a low after the race and the party and to “take it very easy” for a while… I can see where she would vote on the above brainwave..For the past couple of years my marathons have always been on or just after my birthday so I’ve never really partied – this year, for the first time, I could let my hair down. I borrowed a karaoke machine, got a couple of boxes of wine and beer (Janey Wine-box – that’s me! Fun was had by all, I even coped with my actual birthday without feeling too horrible but Monday morning – oh what a surprise! I use it to plan my life around it and though I don’t always follow it to the letter, it is very rare that I don’t know at least what I be doing. Without it I am clearly a slightly podgy, grumpy undisciplined person. I started weightwatchers online yesterday morning and although I am still struggling to stay within my daily allocated 20 points I can see that I’ve fallen into some bad habits recently and I’m feeling quite positive about readjusting things. I am feeling really good physically and there is a little part of my brain which is wondering whether maybe I can just squeeze in another marathon before Christmas? Longish-term I have been given my place in the London Marathon for 2009 and I intend to start training for that over Christmas – so even if I ran Luton I could then take 3 weeks off completely before starting again…

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I’ve been googling “7 weeks between marathons” and while neither Uncle Hal nor the Pfitz think this is the most sensible option known to man, they don’t think it is totally crazy either, provided you listen to your body. You can probably tell I’m not quite sure about anything right now.

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