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Thus love and revolution become interchangeable, both are hard work and require dedication and commitment to a cause.

But then you can use that to build up glucose or any other carbohydrate. So the exact same-- let me see if I can draw that ATP synthase here. We're using photons to excite electrons in chlorophyll.

So, with that said, let's try to dig a little bit deeper and understand what's actually going on in these stages of photosynthesis. The light-dependent reactions and then you have the light independent reactions. You might remember ATP synthase looks something like this. So these hydrogen protons are going to make their way back. And as they go down the gradient, they literally-- it's like an engine. As those electrons get passed from one molecule, from one electron acceptor to another, they enter into lower and lower energy states.

In the closing pages of the book, revolution is elevated still further and in its idealised all-encompassing form is equated by Horvat to the godly realms of devotion.

The main problem is that, while ambitious in scope, the argument falls down due to a lack of theorisation of love throughout the book; while elsewhere, there has been considerable thought given to the nature and scope of love: see for example Hardt and Negri (2009), May (2011), Langford (1999), Evans (2003), Secomb (2007).

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This manuscript presents a case for further progress toward the construction of a tree-ring chronology for ancient Egypt.

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