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Second, you’re not going to want to ask questions that can simply be answered with a “yes” or a “no” if you’re concerned with keeping the conversation going.As you’ll see below, none of the questions can be answers simply.To Ask On A First Date, That Will Break The Ice Instantly, Keep The Conversation Going For As Long As You Need, Boost Chemistry With Your Date & Make You Look Intelligent, Interesting, Confident And Funny? These days, when I go on a ‘first date’, I know what to do so that we both have a fantastic time together. I used to get nervous and panicky around attractive women. When I stumbled upon the secret to first date success. If I did manage to get up the guts to ask a woman out, I knew she'd find out what a phony I was on our first date. I didn’t have a lot of faith in myself, but I knew that continuing my old dating pattern -- with the same “freezing”, the same awkward silence leading into the "disaster stage" and quickly reaching the "date from hell" point was a bad idea. I had to learn how to talk and communicate better with women.” You and your date are out having coffee and you're both staring at the clock, the door, the napkins…. I find women easy to talk to, and I feel confident and relaxed around them. She'd quickly realize that going out with me was about as exciting as sorting your socks. I did ask women out and some of them even said "yes", but once we sat down over a drink it took only 4-5 minutes to reach the "disaster stage". It's the point in the date when you sit there like 2 robots with dead batteries. Even if I did go on a date with her, I would have no idea what to say or do, to make her like me. How to be more interesting, confident and funny during first dates.

Don’t just find a bunch of questions on the internet to ask just so you can “fill the silence”.

But getting to second base meant talking & communicating on the first date. There's no way a fantastic girl like that would date a guy like me. You know all those "how to date women" books you see on the internet?

I hated going home on those evenings, feeling like a total loser. Almost every date I'd been on before had ended in failure. Well I bought every single one I could possibly get my hands on!

So this is aimed at men contacting women and trying to be seen amongst the average of 50 messages a lady receives every day on sites like Plenty Of Fish, Match and e Harmony.

One of the biggest pitfalls guys fall into when sending an online dating conversation starter topic is to not think before they send.

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Sometimes a guy will have a standard format that he will simply copy and paste it into the message and then change a couple of details.

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