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Dating rolex with serial numbers

The public’s only clue is the date listed on the papers or card on the day it is purchased from an authorized dealer, but even then that is only the date sold new and not the date of manufacture. Rolex subsequently change the serial number system to what are called “Randoms”, or sometimes “Scrambled”.

Beginning in 2010, Rolex stopped following any sequential numbering system or order altogether and now engraves its watches with a randomized, arbitrary unique identifying number.While it had been relatively easy to ascertain a watch’s approximate age, or year of production using a database of lists assembled over the years, this will no longer be possible with these new random mixed serial numbers (typical samples include “MN72LK22” or “ JH675TR1” ).While there is no “Official” Rolex Serial numbers database list from the Rolex Factory that shows dates of production, this chart below lists all the serial numbers gathered by proven authorities over the years.Like many watch manufacturers, Rolex identifies the production year using either serial number range, or a letter prefix.The case numbers below roughly indicates the year the watch case was produced and distributed to Authorized Dealers (ADs).

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