Dating premier drum badges

Dating premier drum badges

This Kit is currently on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. There is one slight difference between the model 1400 stands.

One uses a wing-bolt that screws directly into the topside of the second post to adjust the height of the top post.

Here’s a Gretsch DRB Special snare drum Keith had that is now owned by Donn Bennett, a drum shop owner.

Keith used these drums in 1971, as evidenced in photos from the Oval gigs in 1971.

The wing-bolt screws into the threaded hole of the tension bar and draws the bar tight against the top bar holding it in position. Here are the details:1964 Kit9”x13 - Tom (Keystone badge # 33649 / No stamp date found)16”x16” - Floor Tom (Keystone badge # 33571 / No stamp date found)14”x22” - Bass Drum (Keystone badge # 89896 / No stamp date found) Unique oyster black pearl swirl pattern Keystone badges (16"x16" floor tom has the Keystone badge positioned in the center of the drum)3-ply mahogany/poplar/mahogany shells with white painted interiors Baseball bat tone controllers with red or white felt tone control pads (Ludwig changed from red to white early in ’64)Threaded mount casing with wing-bolt (P-1672) 16.5” floor tom legs with knurled stems Fold out bass drum spurs with knurled stems (P-1305)Rogers Swiv-o-matic tom mount assembly Chrome over brass (COB) tom rims Andy Babiuk’s book, Beatles Gear, states that Ringo was given this set by Ludwig Drum Company and that Ringo received this kit on May 31, 1964 at the Prince of Wales Theater in London.

This kit became the studio work horse until the maple kit.

It's a free reference for drummers and collectors alike.

Free Floating Badges, Special Editions, CZX's, Steel, BLX, MLX, whatever you have! LOL, I would just like to let you know that I think you are probably one of my favorite noob (implying nothing other than that you are new to the forum.

Not wanting to imply that you know nothing) members. (and now on topic) I am at a friends house ATM, but I'll try to take some pics of my badges tomorrow.

Premier Custom Built (mahogany) sizes Premier Lok Fast with boom fitments.

Premier 250 pedal Premier Extra heads on tom toms, floor toms and bass drums. Parts likely used with the subsequent black Premier double tom row kit.

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