Dating pregnancy after miscarriage

I know after a miscarriage, TTC is even scarier, especially if you conceive sooner than suggested, so I wanted to share our story of miscarriage to pregnancy! Because of this, my hubby and I figured we might as well start trying as the doctor said we needed to if we wanted a chance of conceiving naturally, and when I say trying I mean on the daily, sometimes multiple times (Not that Hubby complained haha ).

I was told becoming pregnant and maintaining a pregnancy was going to be harder for me due to past medical issues with ITP, Ovarian Cysts, Irregularity, and stress I was under due to my job.

However, at 8-9 weeks, I started having cramping and spotting, and then finally found out by going to the ER that I was having a natural miscarriage. The doctor told us not to do the deed for at least a week, and to not try again until after three months.

Prior to the miscarriage being confirmed, we did the deed maybe once the weekend before.

She told me that it's a club no one ever wants to be in — but once you're in, you realize almost everybody you know was already a member.

And with at least one in five pregnancies ending in miscarriage, the odds are that she's right. Some people called right away, and some waited a month or two to send us a note. But along with leaning on my husband, my family, my faith, and my community, the kind words and stories of a few brave women (and men) have helped me push through.

We'd done all the genetic tests and passed the first trimester, so we thought we were in the "safe zone." After the news broke, we received an unbelievable amount of well-wishes and congratulations. Less than five minutes after posting about our loss, a former coworker called me.

Wishing you the best of luck conceiving and through your next pregnancy x Girls thanks for your replies, god Jane & synnora you have both suffered alot - delighted you have your little man now Jane & best of luck synnora in your pregnancy!We weren't active for about another two weeks after that.About three weeks after the miscarriage had been confirmed, I started feeling tired and would get queazy randomly.However, as to whether you should or not well you should consult your doctor as it may well not be in your best medical interests to get pregnant straight away.It may well be that, particularly if you had a D&C, your lining is thinner than it needs to be to sustain a new pregnancy after a blighted ovum and this is one reason why doctors sometimes advise you to wait 3 months until trying again.

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I'm desperate to be pregnant again but fear the thoughts of miscarrying again !

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