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Once you find out what you have, you'll need the screwdrivers, wire and pliers to set it up. If your trains are S Gauge by American Flyer, or if they are O, OO or S and have three rails, they are AC-powered. #1 / G, HO, TT, N and O Gauge with two rails are DC. What if you have both two-rail and three-rail O in the box? Here you see a center-rail pickup, in this case rollers, in the O locomotive on the right.It may take a little extra effort for TT and OO, but there are resources out there! Standard O27 is 8 3/4" to 8 7/8" long Standard O is 10 inches. Pre-1942 Lionel uses a weird type coupler, and usually has cars made of tinplate steel.Welcome to our growing Lionel Reference Library and Archive.Here you will find detailed information that we have gathered throughout the years on Lionel trains and accessories past and present. BLACK VIRGINIAN FAIRBANKS MORSE TRAINMASTER ** RARE 1955 ONLY ** passenger and freight service.More rock'n'roll is Neil Young, who loves model trains so much he became a part owner of toy brand Lionel Trains in the early Nineties, developing new remote control and sound technology for the company.

Delivered in December 1900, it operated on a brass track and was powered by a battery and a motor Cowen originally intended to use in an electric fan.The rest of Lionel Post-1945 is pretty much standard) To use Lionel trains and equipment, follow this link.Everything you need is included, as this is a starter manuals for Lionel trains and accessories. Whether they were up in the attic, at a flea market or passed off to you by a relative, you;re looking at a confused mass of trains, track, wires and odd pieces. This includes Lionel, Marx, and American Flyer trains. The height of the track tell us more information: 7/16" to 1/2": O27 13/16" to 3/4": O Gauge Measure the length of a straight three-rail track. Once you know the size of your trains, you can learn how to use them: O Gauge: Lionel: the most famous of the lot. In order to do this, you are going to need some household tools. That is probably the most important thing you will need. Though you can use 24 gauge for electric trains, 18 is preferred. You can find reasonably-priced replacement parts, track, transformers and cars for all G / #1, O, S, HO, N and G trains. (#1 is also known as G) N, HO and #1 are solid; S and O are tubular. 2 1/8": Standard or Wide Gauge 1 3/4": #1 Gauge / G Scale 1 1/4": O Gauge 7/8": S Gauge 3/4" - 19mm: old American OO 5/8" - 16.5mm: HO Gauge 15/32 inch, about one half inch: TT Gauge 3/8" - 9mm: N Gauge If you have O Gauge with three rails, you must measure something else. Sort by Brand: Some names are famous, and denote peculiar characteristics that make their trains unique.

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Lionel trains, produced from 1900 to 1969, drew admiration from model railroaders around the world for the solidity of their construction and the authenticity of their detail.

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