Dating japan muslims affairs

Dating japan muslims affairs

The present work does not pretend to be exhaustive, but different writings on the subject will certainly provide a more comprehensive study. T.) for His Mercy and I beg my Muslim bothers for forgiveness. As they both came under pressure from Western countries, they decided to establish friendly relations between them and consequently they started to exchange visits.

The Japanese probably had similarly basic ideas about Muslims, and they may have briefly encountered Muslim traders or diplomats over the centuries as well.The possibility of individual Muslims settling down in Japan in this period can’t be ruled out either.However, in the late 19th century, two parallel trends suddenly piqued the interest of the Muslims and Japanese for each other: (1) European imperialism in the Muslim world, and (2) the sudden emergence of Japan as a modern, independent nation that could hold its own against the predatory European powers.One of the underlying narratives in Japanese culture is the binary dichotomy of the "Japanese" and the "non-Japanese".This extends to nationality or appearance (as per my little anecdote) but also to people who hold “non-Japanese” ideas, or subscribe to “non-Japanese” religions.

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It is sometimes argued by academics that this sense of Japanese people being “apart” or “different” from the rest of the world is deliberately reinforced by educational initiatives that ostensibly are designed to do the exact opposite, and I do have some sympathy with that line of argument.

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