Dating in high school is stupid speed dating guildford reviews

Dating in high school is stupid

And when you do meet someone who deserves you, you'll feel sparkles and butterflies and fireworks, and they'll feel them, too.

Time spent as a single lady = time to become the truest, most youest version of you.

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They'll either get majorly overprotective, or they'll try to embarrass you every chance they get. There's no pressure to come up with a genius promposal. Let's face it, compromising on a two-hour movie sucks. And then there's all the money you're spending on gas to drive back and forth between your houses all the time. No one gets jealous when you stare at Harry Styles' dreamy green eyes for, like, 10,000 hours. You won't get roped into double dates with your best friend's S. Which is great, because if you have to hear Jordan tell the story of how weird his dog's farts smell one more time, you will strangle him. You have an awesome relationship with your parents. When you're dating someone, you're constantly dropping on pizza, or on killer concert tickets for their birthday. Nobody interrupts you every five seconds to ask dumb questions about who Charles is, or whines to alternate channels with the show bae wants to watch at the same time. (Sorry, Katie, your "two-week anniversary" is not a thing. And being the sounding board every time your bff and her bae get in a fight will help you avoid getting into the same fights in your next relationship.13.I'm the only one of my friends that is single and I just hate seeing all the stupid couples being all lovey dovey while I have to sit alone and watch I know it sounds really stupid...But it's been a year and a half since I've been able to be really happy in a relationship...

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