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The females often top out at 5’9” and will weigh up to 140. Heck, there are many more mainstream sports with more giant like women than are in bodybuilding! Now, do women who lift happen to meet men who lift and realize they have something in common? Same way you might hit it off with a chick at your swim class, or co-ed softball game, or whatever you non-lifters do for recreational fun.

But, female bodybuilders don’t only date male bodybuilders.

Kilama, this is sooooo true, also men who are between 5'6" and 5'7" will argue till they're blue in the face that they're actually 5'9" which would make me 5'3"..right! I've had one guy who I was seeing who reacted in a way which made me feel insecure about my muscles, I've got very developed legs and arms and I get asked a lot if I body build (years of ju-jitsu and swimming made me that way). They understand and can hold a conversation about fitness topics and diet and supplements, etc.Pretty much everyone sees the most elite female bodybuilders and believes that is what all bodybuilders look like.Go look up heights and weights of bodybuilders, and you’ll be plenty surprised.Bedazzled bikinis are being glued to butts, and the only form of sustenance in sight is peanut butter, the go-to, protein-packed preshow snack. A bodybuilder I used to train with said I was a freak because of how strong I am for my size and like a diesel going full speed ahead. It's jarring at first, seeing just how much the human body is capable of."People say we're gross or that women shouldn't have abs," says Nissan Weaver, 25, a competitor in the glamorous "bikini" category.

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