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From paintings and etchings on the walls of tombs to clay figures with their hands held above their heads, it is clear to historians and Egyptologists that dancing was a common part of life in ancient Egypt .There are scenes found in tombs dating as far back as the New Kingdom involving dancers at ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations.The dancers themselves were often groups, but only of one gender at a time, with little to no evidence of males and females dancing together.

In many scenes that have survived the ages, dancers (females, specifically) are found moving their arms and legs without being trapped by cloth of any sort, except for the occasional small fringed skirt or tunic, not always worn simultaneously.

Ancient Egyptian dance varied from each instance to the next, with different movements and steps depending on the kind of engagement the dancers were performing at.

For instance, a military meeting would be different from a more ritualistic time.

The downside is, as much of what we understand of ancient Egyptian dance comes from murals found on the walls of tombs and temples, there is only so much information that can be taken from a simple snapshot.

With a culture so rich and heavily involved in religion, it is easy to say that the point of the dances were often probably meant to honor the gods, or were designed with a certain purpose; but with the little that we know past the pictures, it is hard to figure out what the movements were, not to mention what the movements meant.

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An Egyptian MP has called for women to be forced to undergo virginity tests before being admitted to university, it has been reported.

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