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A jury watched video film yesterday showing the moment an army private was killed in an alleged game of "chicken" as he was buzzed by a low-flying RAF Hercules aircraft.

The film captured the Hercules XP186 in a low pass over South Cerney military airfield near Cirencester, Glos, in August 1994.

She discovered she was pregnant with his baby two weeks after his disappearance.

In January she said: "I've had to make a massive decision by myself.

He denies the manslaughter of Pte Game, a single man.

The private's death on the afternoon of August 4 was captured on the film shot from inside the Hercules.

His area bombing campaigns were meant to demoralize the German population, but it became a matter of controversy immediately following the war as his campaigns were accused of being terror bombing.

Mnster, Germany saw its first large scale bombing on when 63 British Wellington bombers arrived shortly after midnight with 396 500-pound bombs, 50 250-pound bombs, and almost 6,000 4-pound incendiary bombs.

Its centrepiece is a 9ft bronze sculpture depicting a seven-man bomber crew returning from a mission.

Private Christopher Game, 22, from Poole, Dorset, who was standing on his recovery truck roof, died from multiple injuries when struck by the rear ramp of the transport aircraft flying at 140mph, 12ft to 14ft from the ground.

The four minute video was the last of 21 shown in prosecution evidence in the Bristol Crown Court trial of the Hercules pilot, Squadron Leader Michael Morison, 42.

Pte Game's divorced mother, Rose, sat in court clutching the hand of a companion as the film was shown.

Junior Crown Counsel Mr Alun Jenkins, QC, slowed down the closing sequences in a jerky frame by frame movement. The Crown say there was a practice among the Hercules crew, including Morison, to make very low level passes after a completed drop operation.

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The girlfriend of missing airman Corrie Mckeague has announced the birth of their baby.

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