Dating a vibroplex

Usually the spark transmitter very low power and the high voltage was supplied by an air-driven generator that was mounted in the struts of the landing gear. Communications was primarily for aiming ground artillery during late-WWI.

The J-6 key is mostly brass construction and is mounted on a hard rubber base that was mounted by screws to the wooden frame work of the airplane.

CD-ROM Version (see below) How many famous telegraphers can you name?

Only one ever really made it big as a telegrapher, inventor, marketer, and all around good guy, and that was Ted Mc Elroy.

Beginning in the Twenties, commercial, military and amateur wireless operators began using Vibroplexes.

Production peaked in the Fourties and Fifties along with the popularity of ham radio, but the Vibroplex Company is still making them — be sure to visit the Vibroplex Co.

Thanks for your interest, and I hope you find it interesting and informative. Martin made the first Vibroplex in 1904 or 1905, about 300,000 Vibroplexes have been made, and the Original model Vibroplex is still being made after more than 90 years.

The aluminium casing and the knob are not original. Has "RMO 160-11" (inventory mark) etched on the arm, and a sales sticker "Yleiselektroniikka" at the edge.

Hand Keys are also known as Straight Keys in the ham world.

Used by professionals and amateurs alike, these types of telegraph keys date from the nineteenth-century up to the present time.

Not only did he win the world's chanpionship for copying Morse code, he held touch typing records and manufactured Morse keys and bugs that are valued by collectors, many of them still in use in radio shacks around the world.

And his 1939 record of 75.2 WPM has never been beaten-- relatively recent claims of higher speeds are based on different (and more generous) methods of calculating the speed, and/or much shorter texts.

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This Web page is intended to help owners identify their Vibroplexes, determine when they were built, and learn about the interesting company and people that made them. The telegraph key was invented in 1844 by Samuel Morse’s associate, Alfred Vail, and was called the “Vail Correspondent”.

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