Dating a guy with uncut penis

Dating a guy with uncut penis

If you're unfamiliar with uncircumcised men, it's likely you find the idea of foreskin pretty gross. Here are some other things you should know: Many men aren't fond of being uncircumcised. And, as with most things that don't fit the traditional mold, they're ridiculed and criticized for it, both in the media and in conversations among friends.

While yes, an uncircumcised wiener does look a little different from most, the fact of the matter is: It all feels the same during sex. Even in the locker room, uncircumcised children see that they're different from most. Not that handjobs are difficult, but an uncircumcised penis makes one difficult to screw up.

It was office romance after a few sights, and a few casual dates later, I found myself falling for him.

But somewhere in my mind, I wasn’t ready for a relationship with him just yet.

I didn't notice the difference at first -- unless you're really looking, it's difficult to discern an intact penis from a circumcised one when the penis is erect.

It wasn't until the post-coital moments of relaxation and intimacy that I saw what was going on down there. As someone who took many -- probably too many -- Women's Studies classes in college, I'm keenly aware of society's unrealistic definition of what's sexy, especially when it comes to women's bodies.

So imagine my guilt for that double take after sex, potentially making my new boyfriend as self-conscious about the part of himself he'd only just shared with me as many women are about their bodies. The next time we were in bed, I tried to mention it casually. "Yeah, I'm uncircumcised," to which I replied, "I figured; I've just never seen one in real life." He looked at me sideways. " "I don't think I need to have done -- er, witnessed -- everything I know and write about," I said, which is true, but in the moment it felt like a feeble excuse.

We're also supposed to be free of cellulite, gas, menstrual blood, vaginal odor, sweat, and a whole slew of other so-called problems an entire commercial and increasingly high-tech industry is devoted to solving.

About a year ago, I had my first encounter with an uncircumcised penis.

I should add that there was a man attached to the penis; he was someone who I'd been out with on a couple dates, and that night was our first time.

” Me: “I’ve never seen one before.” Her: “Google it. Good luck.” On our third date, we had an amazing dinner, a couple glasses of wine and came back to my place. I just don’t really know what to do with it.” I swear to God this is exactly how the conversation went – me topless, him naked and now soft. We got home from the party, both pretty toasted, and just did what felt right. an uncircumcised penis really is the same thing as a circumcised penis.

I guess I have never dated anyone foreign, and all of my ex-boyfriends were circumcised. If you don’t drink, just make sure he is HARD before you go in full throttle.

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His head is just more sensitive, as it's not exposed as often as a circumcised penis.

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