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The latest is a Facebook scam in which the con artist takes information from social media to create a profile and appear to be someone the senior knows. Garod said it is unclear whether the victim’s Facebook account has been hacked or a profile is being duplicated by a scammer.“If someone on Facebook asks you for money, call them and ask them,” Garod said.

“Most times the person won’t know what you are talking about.”Online dating has become another scammer’s tool.

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Sheryl's maternal grandmother, Rosalind Einhorn, grew up in a poor family in a crowded apartment in New York City, finished high school in spite of being pulled out during the Great Depression, went on to community college, graduated from U. Berkeley, and later saved her family business from financial ruin.

Back then, "mixed marriage" had nothing to do with politics. And later, "mixed marriage" involved Italians marrying Irish, Greeks marrying Jews, blacks marrying whites, and the most difficult mixed marriage of all, Sox fans marrying Cubs fans. Over on the NPR news site -- yeah, I visit to find out what liberals are really thinking -- I found a story about political dating sites, one for Republicans, another for liberal Democrats."There's more activity now than ever," said the liberal dating site boss. Some say that almost half of America wouldn't date someone with opposing political views.The unit, created three months ago, is armed with a new 2015 law that makes it a felony to exploit the elderly for money.Prosecuting attorney Brandon Garod said it is tough to catch the anonymous con artists who solicit seniors through the mail, by phone or on the internet, but he and Mulligan Shea are working together to fight con artists through education about the new law and the newest scams.How can we live without advice columns calming the turgid panic surrounding the American political mating rituals? They're all about hand-wringing over dangerous liaisons between men and women who find themselves ideologically opposed. Soon we'll understand that our species is not long for this earth. And letting politics divert you from staring into her eyes and holding her hand is unnatural.Often, they involve guilt, a liberal woman dating a paleo conservative and not knowing how to tell her friends the terrible news. And sometimes, they're not tales of forbidden political love, but obnoxious humble brags about how she married a conservative out of pity and was surprised to find that he treated her with respect and knew how to use a knife and fork. But politics doesn't care about what comes naturally. Politicos may fight about tax cuts or Russian spies in our closets, but with the midterm elections coming in 2018, the sociopolitical herding will be on the increase.

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