Cygwin updating

Cygwin updating

Unless your site has been out of date for (currently) 100 runs of the program, it will be re-added automatically when it becomes current.

So, if you see that your site has been dropped from the mirrors list do not panic.

You need to approve the Windows installer warning as you do with every manual install / update as well.

So it's not a no-click update but a one-or-two-clicks update.

(GCC 4.5.3-4 is also offered in the gcc4 package, but the Cygwin 1.7.x devel area does not offer GCC 4.6 or later).

If your mirror site has not been listed for a day or so that means that some cygwin packages on your site are not current.

Check the cygwin-announce archives for announcements about recent package updates and ensure that your site has those packages.

Check that you have following packages under Cygwin.

If something is missing or outdated, download it using the utility from the Cygwin site ( Package Version Status bash 4.1.10-4 OK binutils 2.20.51-2 OK bzip2 1.0.6-1 OK cygwin 1.7.9-1 OK gcc-core 3.4.4-999 OK gcc-g 3.4.4-999 OK gzip 1.4-1 OK m4 1.4.16-1 OK make 3.81-2 OK unzip 6.0-10 OK zip 3.0-11 OK First, create a workspace directory to build in (e.g., mkdir /usr/local/contrib).

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apt-cyg provides a command-line package manager that you can use to install tools without using the GUI installer.

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