Consolidating computer wiring

Reduce radio traffic and free up dispatch resources using the ALC-1000 with Atlas Labs Mobile CAD.

Mobile CAD turns your device into a sleek, in-dash mobile data computer/MDC capable of status updates and timestamping, display of detailed incident information, automated navigation, and more.

Different types of video processing can allow that signal to be carried along different channels, with each channel representing a different portion of the video information (e.g. The types of cable you will need to work with an analog video signal will depend primarily on how these channels have been divided, as well as considerations of signal-to-noise ratio - all analog signals are subject to some degree of electronic noise or distortion, and different connection standards and interfaces have been developed to combat such signal degradation.

In composite cables, all video information (including both luminance and chrominance) is encoded on to a single channel/wire.

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Page created by Ethan Gates Code adapted from the amazing ffmprovisr project!

A comprehensive source for identifying cables and connectors potentially used for audiovisual/media preservation.

Cable types and connectors are organized by the primary purpose of the signal being transferred - video, audio-only, data (i.e. Examples of physical connectors (along with pinouts and contextual uses for each kind of cable/connector combination) are provided in buttons, nested within descriptions of signal types, wiring, interfaces and protocols!

Contribute to the Cable Bible project via the AMIA Open Source Committee Github repository!

Analog audiovisual media record image and sound information as a continuous signal stored in or on the media itself (in the case of most "video" formats, as a continually fluctuating level of magnetic field strength on tape).

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All CPI zone enclosures are UL Listed 2043 and can be located in air-handling spaces (the plenum).

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