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‘The cost for countries wanting to engage with Canada is that there will be pressure to make changes and reflections,’ he said, when talking about countries that look to Canada for development aid.He said he had spoken to Canadian ambassadors around the world, ‘and told them that part of their job is to be outspoken on Canadian values and the fundamental human rights that we stand for…Sex won't interfere with any antibiotic treatment for the condition. In fact, it's even been linked with a decreased chance of having an early birth, despite the infection. In Alberta this week, two big city school boards voted unanimously to push the province to include consent in its sexual education curriculum.

I think we recognize that it’s not just me going to the parade yet again.

Despite wide support for Ontario’s plan, not everyone accepts the changes.

A petition launched by Ontario Catholic parents group Parents as First Educators reads “We do not believe that prepubescent children should be overloaded with explicit information about sex,” and demands “an end to plans” to update the sex-ed curriculum.

When they get to the subject of sexually transmitted diseases in Grade 7, they’ll learn just how they’re contracted, including through oral and anal sex.

The new curriculum, expected to be released on Monday, is a far cry from the sex-ed the Jasper, Ont., mother remembers getting as a student — brief talk of menstruation in Grade 5, with everything else gleaned from “the schoolyard” or from a book wordlessly slipped to her by her mother. Carlyon-Baker says, “because I don’t want my kids to grow up — I want them to stay innocent and sweet and continue to think that unicorns are real and that all people are good.” She wants Annabelle, 5, Eamonn, 3, and one-year-old Bobby to be prepared when they enter a world in which the media seem consumed by sex and technology makes records of sexual activity both permanent and widely shareable.

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