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Cacti weather map not updating

I can snmpget the value, e.g filename = "powerbseipv6testrouter_cisco_memfree_40.rrd" rrd_version = "0003" step = 300 last_update = 1321867894 ds[cisco_memfree]= "GAUGE" ds[cisco_memfree].minimal_heartbeat = 600 ds[cisco_memfree]= 0.0000000000e 00 ds[cisco_memfree]= 1.0000000000e 12 ds[cisco_memfree].last_ds = "UNKN" ds[cisco_memfree].value = 0.0000000000e 00 ds[cisco_memfree].unknown_sec = 94 rra[0]= "AVERAGE" rra[0]= 600 rra[0].pdp_per_row = 1 rra[0]= 5.0000000000e-01 rra[0].cdp_prep[0].value = Na N rra[0].cdp_prep[0].unknown_datapoints = 0 rra[1]= "AVERAGE" rra[1]= 700 rra[1].pdp_per_row = 6 rra[1]= 5.0000000000e-01 rra[1].cdp_prep[0].value = Na N rra[1].cdp_prep[0].unknown_datapoints = 0 rra[2]= "AVERAGE" rra[2]= 775 rra[2].pdp_per_row = 24 rra[2]= 5.0000000000e-01 rra[2].cdp_prep[0].value = Na N rra[2].cdp_prep[0].unknown_datapoints = 18 rra[3]= "AVERAGE" rra[3]= 797 rra[3].pdp_per_row = 288 rra[3]= 5.0000000000e-01 rra[3].cdp_prep[0].value = Na N rra[3].cdp_prep[0].unknown_datapoints = 114 rra[4]= "MAX" rra[4]= 600 rra[4].pdp_per_row = 1 rra[4]= 5.0000000000e-01 rra[4].cdp_prep[0].value = Na N rra[4].cdp_prep[0].unknown_datapoints = 0 rra[5]= "MAX" rra[5]= 700 rra[5].pdp_per_row = 6 rra[5]= 5.0000000000e-01 rra[5].cdp_prep[0].value = Na N rra[5].cdp_prep[0].unknown_datapoints = 0 rra[6]= "MAX" rra[6]= 775 rra[6].pdp_per_row = 24 rra[6]= 5.0000000000e-01 rra[6].cdp_prep[0].value = Na N rra[6].cdp_prep[0].unknown_datapoints = 18 rra[7]= "MAX" rra[7]= 797 rra[7].pdp_per_row = 288 rra[7]= 5.0000000000e-01 rra[7].cdp_prep[0].value = Na N rra[7].cdp_prep[0].unknown_datapoints = 114 Aside from upgrading to the latest 0.8.8, have you confirmed that you (or whatever is attempting to store the rrd information in the file) can?

Are permissions for the file/directory set properly to allow for this?

Capturing load balancer traffic flows is not something that is elegantly (or even rudimentarily) handled by most commercial applications, or at least the ones I've worked with.

Several can't even gather statistics on the F5 appliances because they lack the ability to index mibs.

If anyone knows an easier way of doing this, please let me know.

Otherwise, vote up my answer - I have searched a lot and cannot find any other results on the net that let you do this using only Windows.

MRTG works great with SNMP, but it only present a graph per network port of the switch/router.

CPU templates didn't exist, so I added this functionality and corrected some of the problems in the templates as I worked through my installation.

In summary, this article will walk the user through the steps required to install & configure Cacti to begin monitoring the F5 LTM Global Traffic, Virtual Server Traffic, Interface Traffic, Memory, & CPU.

set the cacti logging to DEBUG and check all Poller Statistics, Poller Errors, Poller Warning options, check files, usually it will showing the output, you can start investigate from the log /rra/xxx.rrd". But when verify with "rrdtool info xxx.rrd", "rra[7].cdp_prep[0].value = Na N" displays. are you try using all patches on cacti website for your cacti version.

I think the problem exists in the step: write values to rrd files. PS: The problem even exists in Localhost - Load Average, after a clean cacti try to delete all rrd on ./rra/ folder ? your rrd "ds[cisco_memfree]= 1.0000000000e 12", is the snmp results that you saw on debug log exceeded the limit "ds[cisco_memfree]= 1.0000000000e 12" ?

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--- 4.0 --- -feature: Support for Cacti 1.0 --- 3.1 --- -feature: Compatibility with new Themes engine --- 2.3 --- -bug#0002113: Several graph settings are not preserved during session -bug#0002115: The filtering did not work as expected -bug#0002114: Graphs are not cycled correctly -bug#0002120: No graphs not shown if default deny policy used -fix: Ordering of Tree Graph ID's breaks cycling --- 2.2 --- -fix: defaults keep getting reset --- 2.1 --- -feature: Support for Ugroup Plugin --- 2.0 --- -feature: Allow searching through graphs with regular expression -feature: Allow selecting both tree and leaves -feature: Add Columns and Graphs Per Page to Interface -feature: Make the Cycle Settings page more readable -feature: Convert all Ajax calls to use j Query instead -bug: Make the scanning for next and previous graphs more efficient -bug: Remove 'Graphs' dropdown for all cases --- 1.3 --- -bug: the legend view does not work when refresh page.

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