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If you click on the "Cancel" button then the editcancel method will be called and edit mode will be cancelled.Auto Generate Edit Button="True" data Key Names="Category Detail Id" Allow Paging="True" Allow Sorting="True" Auto Generate Columns="False" Page Size="2" On Row Updated="gv_Row Updated" Auto Generate Select Button="true" On Row Updating="gv_Row Updating" Connection String="data source=localhost;database=Categories;user id=sa;password=sa" Select Command=" SELECT [Category Detail Id], [Category Detail Name], [Description],[Status] FROM [Categorydetails]" Update Command="Update [Categorydetails] SET [Category Detail Name][email protected] Detail Name, [Description][email protected] , [Status][email protected] WHERE [Category Detail Id][email protected] Detail Id" hey can you explain how to do this in design mode .aspdotnet-suresh offers C#articles and tutorials,csharp dot net,articles and tutorials, VB.

For this situation, many developers use invisible columns (Hidden columns) in the gridview to identify that row.

A couple of days ago I mentioned a project that I’ve been working on that is a bit out of the ordinary as far as Grid Views go.

One of the issues I’ve had is that the edit template doesn’t map to the view template very well. You see, the data that gets stored back to the database during the edit could go to two of four different tables.

But the view is generated from a stored procedure that gathers the information from those tables and makes the result look like it came from one table. NET, C#, Node.js, Java Script, HTML, CSS, Boot Strap, and Angular. Does your team need additional help in any of the above?

So how do you have the Grid View update the database under these conditions?

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Font-Names="Verdana" Font-Size="10" Data Key Names="Product ID" Auto Generate Columns="false" onrowcancelingedit="Grid View1_Row Canceling Edit" onrowediting="Grid View1_Row Editing" onrowupdating="Grid View1_Row Updating"In the above code, I set two properties Show Edit Button and Show Cancel Button of Command Field.

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