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BALLINA UNION - THE ELECTION OF GUARDIANS The following Guardians have been elected for the divisions attached to their names: - Ardagh, (1) - John Cawley, Ardnaree North, (1) - E. South, (1) - Simon Bredin, Attymass East, (1), Paget Strodgen, Do. There was a full attendance of elected and ex-officio guardians. Martin as a deer park, and is now stocked with some 200 head of deer. 100 was bid for this lot without advance, and it was bought in at 400. M'Daras and Illaunna-croaghbeg, lying off Mace Head, containing 62 acres, was started with a bidding of 50. The meeting was held at a respectable solicitor's office, and the proceedings were private.--Limerick Chronicle. THE PLANTATION SCHEME To those who were favourable to the project of the reclamation of Connaught by the introduction of English settlers and English capital, to replace the present race of impoverished proprietors, the all but total failure of the attempt to dispose of the Martin estates in Galway has proved a 'heavy blow and great discouragement.' Persons having an intimate acquaintance with the nature of the property, its advantages and disadvantages, are decidedly of opinion, that many of the lots already sold, particularly the townlands near Galway, would have realized far higher prices had the sale taken place in Ireland; distance and the hopelessness of competing with English capital, having combined to deter Irish speculators from embarking in the enterprise. The patrol of police on Dolly's Brea commanded a full view of the Magheramayo hill. This, too, would be remunerative employment, for the value of the manure collected would be more than sufficient to support those daily engaged in gathering it, and will be required if the design of renting some land for pauper labour be carried out. At Westbourne Terrace, the Lady of Richard Cobsden, Esq., of a son. BALLINA UNION.- The usual weekly meeting of the guardians of this union was held in the board-room on Saturday. A pensioner named Fitzgerald and his two sons were crushed to death near Glin, by the fall of the gable wall of the house as they lay in bed. Corry Connollan is about to retire from the office of private Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant.-- Dublin Herald.

The business of the meeting was commenced by Annesley Knox, Esq.; Rappa Castle, proposing, and Thomas Paget, Esq., seconding that Colonel Gore be elected chairman of the board, which being carried Edward Howley, Esq. There was no advance, and the lot was therefore bought in at 200. Petitions for the sale of encumbered estates, representing incumbrances to the amount of 900,000 have already been lodged with the commissioners. Be this as it may, the idea of the plantation scheme dating its commencement from the transfer of the region of Connemara into the hands of London companies is now blown off, and public curiosity is directed to the result of Mr. This town remained in a state of perfect quietness and tranquility during the day. We trust that this subject will be brought before the consideration of the board at their next meeting. Colonel Gore in the chair; the other guardians present were Mr. We feel great pleasure in being able to lay before our readers the following very interesting documents.

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The boy immediately delivered the message; the father hastened to the spot, but the daughter had expired before his arrival. Crofton, John M'Hugh, Ballysokeery, (1) - Arthur Foster, Bunabula, (1) - Wm. Atkinson, Letterbrick, (1) - Walter Quin, Mountfalcon, (1) - Patt Quigley, Kathoma, (1)- Thomas Kelly, Sallymount, (1) - John Farrell, Straheen, (1) - Mathew Flynn. Nine of these were severally put up and withdrawn without a bidding. It appearing, however, that the boys were old enough to decide for themselves, and that some unknown influence had been exerted, they were allowed to remain registered as Romanists, and the matter dropped. 186 1 2 Paid by Treasurer............................. 166 2 5 On hands......................................... 19 4 5 By the returns from the Relieving officer, there appears to be 8000 lunatics at large in Ireland. Tute, Esq., has been appointed a master Extraordinary in Chancery, and a Commissioner of Affidavits in the several courts for the town and county of Sligo, in the room of Montgomery Blair, Esq., deceased. When I reached the top of Dolly's Brea, instead of seeing armed bands of Ribbonmen strongly entrenched with murderous intent, to dispute the pass, as to some extent anticipated in Castlewellan, the only living things I could perceive were six policemen, armed, patrolling about, and shivering in the bitter blast that swept over the hill, two very ugly brown goats, and three crows that appeared to be industriously engaged in making experiments on some diseased tubers in a potato field. It is not necessary for us to enlarge upon the exceedingly filthy state of our town, the offensive nuisances which every where present themselves, and the different irregularities and obstruction in the streets. MARRIAGES Yesterday at the church of Mallsferry, by the rev. James Crawford, Rector of Athleague, county Roscommon. Resolutions in accordance with the object of the meeting were voted with intense enthusiasm and every feature was marked with the firm yet constitutional spirit by which the acts of such an assemblage should be characterized. Sunday night a party effected an entrance into the back premises of the house of the Rev.

No inquest was held on the body, but the doctor gave it as his opinion that he died from the effects of the poison. MEETING OF GUARDIANS BALLINA UNION- The first meeting of the elected guardians of this union for the ensuing half year was held in the Board room on Saturday. Lot 105, the island of Croaghnakeela, lying off Bertraghboy Bay, has hitherto been used by Mr. After having disposed of the other business of the day, the board adjourned. Total number in the house and auxiliaries on 3d November............................2558 Ditto receiving outdoor during week ending 3d November..................... There was a preparatory meeting of the creditors of workhouses in this and the surrounding counties yesterday, to devise some measure likely to recover the large sums due to provision contractors, &c., amounting in the aggregated of 100,000. The Potters' Emigrant Society is now in possession of two estates in America, one named "Pottersville" of 1600 acres, and peopled; the other amounting to 50,000 acres, situated on the Fox River, in the state of Wisconsin, on which 350 families are now located. I left the aforesaid policemen, goats, and crows, to the uninterrupted enjoyment of their respective pursuits; and having passed over Dolly's Brea, proceeded to This hill, the scene of the late fatal conflict, is about a quarter of a mile distant from Dolly's Brea. The scene of the Ribbon encampment both on the morning and evening of the 12th, and the first and second parallels behind which the Ribbonmen were posted, were, to be sure, seen; but this was all. The guardians must be fully aware of all this, and why, we ask, in the name of common sense and justice is not some attempt made to bring out the able-bodied paupers from their snug corners in the workhouse and make them work a little for the food and comfort they are enjoying at the expense of the rate payers? James Meehan, William Richey, Esq., proprietor of the TYRAWLY HERALD, to Jane, daughter of John Boyde, Esq., of Carrakelly. Wall Esq., of Lismore, county Cork, to Julia, daughter of Edmond O'Flaherty, Esq. Sherry, Esq., to Margaret Mary, daughter of the late P. At Holme, Inverness-shire, Bernard Brocas, Esq., of Beaurpaire Park, Hampshire, late of Carabineets, to Jane Lillie, daughter of Lieut-General Sir John Rosse, of Holme. The advice of an eminent counsel was taken as to the legality of the resolutions to be adopted.-- Tipperary Free Press. Warden Daly, Salt Hill, Galway, from whence they abstracted table linen, shirts, carpenters' tools, &c.

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Talk to your health care provider about any recommendations or restrictions.The financial state of the union was by no means satisfactory owing to the calamity of the times through which they had just passed notwithstanding the assistance they had had from the very large grants of the British Relief Association and the Society of Friends. The usual routine of business being then gone through the board adjourned to that day week. It comprehends two islands, and on the main land four townlands and the district and town of Roundstone, the latter consisting of upwards of seventy well-built slated houses, with garden and closes adjoining. Martin, the right of holding four fairs annually, and one weekly market at this town. Sub-Inspector Hill and a number of his men were out all night of the 4th, patrolling the country in various directions, having heard that the Ribbonmen from Cooly, Meath, and Armagh, were determined to assemble on an "eligible sight" to be ready to oppose with pitchfork, pike, and musket, the Orangemen and women, should they resolve of walking. After hearing a few cases out of the civil book he adjourned the court. I am at the same time to enclose an extract from a return enclosed in the communication which the Commissioners have received from the Emigration Office, showing the disposal of the girls on their arrival in the Colony. He alluded in very favourable terms to the exertions of their predecessors, the Vice-Guardians, in the very trying difficulties they had to encounter, and concluded by expressing his confidence in the present board. CASTLEBAR UNION- MEETING OF GUARDIANS.- The elected board held its first meeting in the board room of the workhouse, on Saturday last. The lot is in extent 5,485 acres, and there being an advance it was knocked down at 12,000 for the venders. The police returned to barracks after six o'clock on Monday morning, and not having observed any body of people, as they had reason to suspect. But if you've had recurrent, unexpected panic attacks and spent long periods in constant fear of another attack, you may have a condition called panic disorder.Although panic attacks themselves aren't life-threatening, they can be frightening and significantly affect your quality of life.

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