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We know that it is older than Christendom, but whether by a couple of years or a couple of centuries, or even by more than a millenium, we can do no more than guess." [Rasmus Nyerup, (Danish antiquarian), 1802 (in Trigger, 19)].Nyerup's words illustrate poignantly the critical power and importance of dating; to order time.Summary The Accelerator Mass Spectrometry technique for measuring carbon isotopes and dating artifacts, together with nuclear techniques of ion beam analysis are widely used in the field of cultural heritage owing to the great advantage of their being non-destructive.In Italy, CEDAD - CEntro Di DAtazione e Diagnostica of the University of Salento, with its tandetron accelerator of 3MV, has played a major role for over ten years, in studying materials of cultural assets requiring the determination of their elemental composition and determination of absolute chronology using radiocarbon.

Vengono illustrati alcuni studi effettuati al CEDAD tra cui quelli sui Bronzi di Riace e la Lupa Capitolina.

This study describes the Accelerator Mass Spectrometry technique used with the accelerator at CEDAD to determine age by means of radiocarbon and PIXE-PIGE techniques, and to determine elements, even in traces, present in materials.

Some case studies carried out at CEDAD are reported, including those on the Riace Bronzes and Capitoline Wolf.

Libby of the University of Chicago in immediate post-WW2 years.

An accelerator mass spectrometer measures the amounts of different isotopes within a sample.

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Therefore, communication between PRL and LAMS is fast and effective.

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