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There will be a crew meeting this Sunday 21st February for anyone who signs up for the challenge.The sailing challenge will take you around Lands’ End and the Scilly Isles, into the Irish Sea where you will then sail along the coasts of Ireland, Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man and Wales.In fact, there are 10 or less instances in June where the area has experienced five or more consecutive days with temperatures reaching above 100 degrees.The NWS has been tracking records for Downtown Sacramento since 1878, Modesto since 1906 and Stockton since 1949.Tags: cabezo, dan lobato, DAN NEWMAN, el medano, gaastra, Goya Naish, JAMIE HAWKINS, JULIA TOMS, justin stuart, neilpryde, north, official test centre, otc, Point 7, RRD, severne, simmer, tenerife, tushingham Tweet 5.3 POWER WAVE SAILS TEST REPORTS A 5.3 has an important place in pretty much every windsurfer’s quiver.This could be the biggest sail for hard-core wave or freestyle riders, or the smallest sail for more crossover, freeride sailors.California's sizzling heat this week is breaking records dating back more than 70 years.The Sacramento and Central Valley are in the middle of a long streak of triple-digit days, which is rare to see at this time of the year.

in 2016 this station set new records in reach hours, reaching the pinnacle of its 18 year history.

A new dating approach is required to help determine the actual chronological sequence and pattern of ecological and anthropological change on Polynesian islands.

We illustrate this approach here using New Zealand, the southernmost archipelago of East Polynesia, because it provides an excellent case study where an unresolved polarized debate persists about the time of initial human colonization (18) roost sites (20, 21) and distinctive rat-gnawed woody seed cases bearing the tell-tale incisor marks of seed predation found preserved in sediments (15, 22).

The pristine island ecosystems of East Polynesia were among the last places on Earth settled by prehistoric people, and their colonization triggered a devastating transformation. Using New Zealand as an example, we provide a reliable approach for accurately dating initial human colonization on Pacific islands by radiocarbon dating the arrival of the Pacific rat.

Overhunting contributed to widespread faunal extinctions and the decline of marine megafauna, fires destroyed lowland forests, and the introduction of the omnivorous Pacific rat () led to a new wave of predation on the biota. Radiocarbon dates on distinctive rat-gnawed seeds and rat bones show that the Pacific rat was introduced to both main islands of New Zealand ≈1280 A. This matches with the earliest-dated archaeological sites, human-induced faunal extinctions, and deforestation, implying there was no long period of invisibility in either the archaeological or palaeoecological records.

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    Lopez-Gamundi, Hector De Santa Ana, and Bruno Conti, #10983 (2017).

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